Personal Journey

The feeling of freedom. That’s what I’m looking for and is the reason why I live in a van. I was always busy with a gazillion different things and was constantly looking for the next big thing to do. Sometimes I was very stressed and I wanted to find a way to be more free and relaxed. Now, I want to dance and I want to inspire people I meet to do the same (literally or figuratively). 

Dance. Love. Creativity. Play. Feel.

My journey is all about finding balance. The balance between selfless and selfish. minimalism and luxury. Nature and cities. Masculine and feminine energy. Group living and alone time. The reason, I think that balance is a key element of life. I’m also constantly looking for ways to inspire and guide people because that’s just one of the things that ignites my inner fire. I was living a ‘Tetris’ lifestyle always planning and trying to fit all the blocks into place. With living in a van I want to explore a ‘road-trip’ lifestyle. Just go and see where the road takes us.

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