Gottröra, 27-8-2017
By Linda

We park at a camper place because we can’t find a nice spot in the wild. The next day, we wake up early so that we can arrive around 12 and enjoy the festival. We are still so excited to go there. When we are driving for an hour, we notice a light on the dashboard that says STOP. We drive to a parking place and steering the van takes a lot more effort than before. We stop and Benno finds out that there is something hanging underneath the vehicle. The V-belt broke and unfortunately we can’t fix it ourselves this time (like when the exhaust fell off, we reattached it ourselves). So, what to do now. We call the insurance company and they tell us that a towing truck will arrive in about an hour and a half. We hope that the car can be fixed today so that we’ll be on time for the birthday and festival. After the truck drops us off at a workshop, they tell us that the van can’t be fixed until Monday (it’s Saturday by the way). 

We call the insurance company again and they’re going to fix a rental car for us. So while we wait we decide to discover the town Gävle, where we were dropped off. But after an hour, we still haven’t heard from them. We decide to call back and find out that there is something wrong with the information. Again, we have to wait. Another hour later they call back with the news that they can’t find a rental car. That is a real slap in the face because we got so far and had only 120 km to go. 

We really want to go to Gottröra, so we try to arrange something ourselves. We call all the car rental companies in the city. Most of them are closed, others don’t have cars for us. We are getting a bit desperate. One company has a car but can’t rent it out to us because we need a Swedish drivers license. When Benno tries to book a car on the website, it appears that he is able to do so, also without a Swedish drivers license. We walk for 3km to the place to check if it’s indeed possible. 

During this walk, something changes in our mindset. Suddenly we remember that we didn’t pay for the camper place this morning, so we decide to do that. We continue our walk and I have lost my despair. Suddenly I know for sure, that we are going to get a car and drive to Gottröra this evening. And it was true, the people at the rental place put in a lot of effort to fix the car for us. We like to believe that it was karma that didn’t want us to achieve our goals because we didn’t pay the campsite. 

We rented a Renault Clio and called him Freddie, Eddie’s little brother. It was such a nice feeling that after a long and stressful day, we finally arrived at the festival. Indiana, Forrest, and Steven were very surprised and happy to see us. It was worth all the effort!