Skellefteå, 25-8-2017
By Linda

We say goodbye to Indy, Forrest, and Steven who are driving to a bushcraft-festival in Gottröra for the weekend. We didn’t join them, because we wanted to go to the north, to Sarek and the Lofoten. It feels right to continue our adventure on the road. We drive 200 km north and park the van at a beautiful cabin in the forest by the river. Last week we slept in the same cabin when we made a trip with the group. Steven forgot his lamp, so now we can return it back to him.

Our plan is to sleep in the van next to this cabin and continue driving tomorrow. But something changes after we bring the lamp in the van. The weather is depressing, the sky is gray and there is a lot of rain. Even though we are parked at a beautiful place, we don’t feel the need to go out and enjoy. Benno checks on his phone if the weather is getting any better. He finds out that it won’t stop raining for a long time and that it isn’t better in the Lofoten. Do we love to hike in the Lofoten when the weather is this shitty? It seems like autumn is coming in the north and it feels like a better plan to visit these places in another time of the year. On the phone, we see that it’s still summer in places more south. We think about changing our plans. If we drive to Gottröra, we can surprise our friends, especially Indy, who celebrates his birthday on Saturday. We get really excited about this idea and about buying some stuff like pie, balloons and the ice coffee he really loves. 

We don’t hesitate anymore and know what’s the right thing to do. Change our plans and drive, so that we can be in Gottröra on time. The logical mind would say: ‘Go north, you didn’t drive 200 km for nothing.’ But our feeling said: ‘Go south, and surprise your friends.’ 

So we drive and nature tells us that we are on the right path. The gray sky opens up and turns light-blue. We see the sunset and the colors pink, purple and orange appear in the sky. When we take a look in our rearview mirror, we see the dark, gray sky behind us. After a while, we see a moose with a child on the side on the road. Wow! We could look her in the eyes and then she ran away. It felt like she was running in slow-motion, so majestic. To top it all off we saw a rainbow appear in the sky. Such a beautiful trip! 

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