“Hey, are you guys really going to start a fire?” Yes we are, the Inner Fire.

This Inner Fire is the energy that gives you direction, and fuels team-spirit and the willpower to persue a greater cause. We help you or your team to (re)start and fuel that fire. This will help you to make more intuitive choices, to strengthen the connection with yourself and each other, and to live a colorful life.

Definitely worth it, if you ask us! That’s why we facilitate different activities about finding purpose and teambuilding.

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the foundation for the ‘inner fire’


Before you spend a lot of energy on something, it’s good to know who you are and why you do it. When you put your intention, your reason why into words, you can stand for it with full conviction. In this way, your purpose will become more clear and easier to understand for others, but also for yourself.


Good ideas are always nice and handy to have. In that way, you’ll discover that there are endless possibilities to accomplish something. A big dose of creativity is required, luckily there are a ton of ways to boost your creativity.


The feeling of a deep connection with one another gives strength. Sharing experiences together, learning to empathize, and having fun are ways we strengthen the connection between teams or people that don’t even know each other.

This is what we do. Something you like?

During this workshop, we don’t focus on what you do or how you do it. We’re taking a look at Why you do what you do. In other words, knowing your personal mission and core values. But why this workshop, you ask? Because knowing your Why will give you (or your team) a clear direction for making decisions and adds a deeper sense of purpose to everything you do. This workshop is based on the Start With Why*, method.

This workshop is for:
Companies | Teams | Individuals

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*The ‘Start With Why’ part is inspired by the work of Simon Sinek. We’re not endorsed by Simon and his team, but have their blessing to use their content. This is our way to help propel the Start With Why Movement.

This workshop is all about brainstorming and creativity. We will help you brainstorm about a problem or question that your team or company has. We use techniques, the tool Brainfuel for example, that help you to go a bit further than the ‘standard’ ideas, shooting for originality. We also dive deeper into creative thinking. The subjects imagining, diverging, associating and creative observation will play a big role. Handy techniques that you can use afterward to live a more creative life.

This workshop is for:
Companies | (teacher) Teams | Individuals

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Ecstatic dance is all about feeling free to move as your body wishes to move. Rhythm, movement, and breathing will lower your stress and increase your energy. Just being away from the daily stress and focusing on what you feel for a moment. Linda uses the following steps: warming up, the shake, free dance, meditation, and a closure. We dance on bare feet, use nog drugs, and alcohol, and we don’t talk during the dance. Besides these things, everything is possible as long as it feels good for everybody.

This workshop is for:
Individuals | Friend groups | Festivals

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Music is a powerful way to connect with one another, that’s why we’re going to create rhythms to ignite primal energy. We use colorful drums with low sounds. Benno, and experienced drummer will provide rhythms on a variety of difficulties so that everyone will be able to play them. Before you know it, a group of people turns into a tribe during this workshop. Having fun, connecting and feeling energized with each other, that’s what it’s about.

This workshop is for:
Companies | Teams | Friend groups | Festivals

*This workshop is still being developed, but feel free to contact us and we’ll tell you everything about it.


Tools and inspiration

EDSO in action

EDSO in action is an infographic that simply depicts how we can create safe and inspiring work-environments thanks to neuro-chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin.

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The Joy of Making

This project was all about meeting people who make a difference o a small scale. We captured these stories in an e-book.

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Bigsby – a story worth sharing

Bigsby is a Rockabilly barber with a story about restarting his Inner Fire. Note: the movie is in dutch with englsih subtitles.

Watch the movie

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