Find Your Why

Workshops to discover the mission, the Why of your company, team or yourself. Scroll down to see the options.

Teams & Companies

Knowing your Why of your company gives you a clear direction that helps you realize your company’s vision. The Why helps you to hire people who believe what you believe. It’s nice to know the Why of each individual team member so that they feel connected to the company on a deeper level.

The Why-basics (1 to 2 hours)
You learn the concepts behind Start With Why and discover which steps you can take by discovering your own or your company’s Why. We’ll provide some guidelines and activities so that you can continue the process of finding the Why of you or your company on your own.


Why of the team or company (4 hours)
During this workshop, we’ll take the time to dig deeper to find and articulate the Why. In this case, we’ll focus on finding the shared Why of the company or team. What is your direction and what does your work all add up to? These are a few questions we’re going to uncover.


Why of each individual team member (5 hours)
Each team has people with their own unique Why. It’s good to know your own and each other reason why you do the things you do. During this workshop, we’ll focus on finding the Why of each team member.

*Prices and location are determined together


Knowing your Why serves as a filter through which you can make choices. The things you do are of greater meaning which gives you a sense of fulfillment.

Personal session
It’s also possible to do an individual Find You Why session for a maximum of three persons at a time. In this way, we keep it small and personal. In a two hour session, we’ll help you to start your Why discovery journey. You get some exercises to continue on your own. In a four hour session we’ll go through the whole process together and at the and you will have a rough Why statement.

*If you live outside the Netherlands, we’ll do the sessions online via Skype or Facetime.

• Short session | ±2 hours | €95,- p.p. (incl. VAT, excl. travelcosts)
• Extensive session | ±4 hours | €190,- p.p. (incl. VAT, excl. travelcosts)

Want to request a workshop or do you have some wild ideas? Let us know!

Some experiences

Discovered the overarching team Why for a company in Italy.

Met Simon Sinek in Zwolle, the man behind Start With Why.

An awesome Find Your Why workshop in the Swedish nature.

Helped students to find a deeper meaning behind their projects.