Creative Thinking

Workshops to become more creative and to come up with new ideas. Scroll down to see the options.

Seeing possibilities, being innovative and deal with changes; Life asks for creativity. Luckily this is something everyone can learn. By doing it a lot you’ll develop this skill. Pretty handy if you ask us, and most of the time a lot of fun too!


Do you and your team have to come up with something new, like a name, concept or other ideas? If you want to be challenged to think beyond the standard, then you should invite us for a creative brainstorm session. We use the tool Brainfuel to diverge (coming up with a lot of ideas) and then we select the best ideas so that you have something that you can build on. Besides brainstorming, we also will do some exercises to loosen up a bit and to boost your creativity.

These are the steps we go through:

• Warming up: Just like with sports you have to warm up your muscles, before brainstorming you have to warm up your brains. Just loosening up a bit!
• Question: We decide which question or problem we’ll focus on during the brainstorm. For example: Coming up with an original name for a project? Finding an efficient way to clean up the city? etc. etc.
• Diverging: Generating ideas, the more innovative the better. Everything is possible. We know ways to think a bit further than you’re used to.
• Selecting: Together we decide which ideas make it to the next round. For this, we also have some nice techniques.
• Wrapping up: What’s the next step? Now it’s important to ensure that it’s doesn’t end here. There’s some work to be done to get it from an idea to an actual solution.

*The workshop takes about 2 to 4 hours.

Creative teambuidling

This session is all about stimulating the team spirit in a creative way. We’re going to do all different kind of exercises where creative thinking is the main focus. This isn’t just a fun workshop, but you can take the exercises and use them yourself, as an energizer when a meeting is getting stuck for example. A few things we do is play our game ‘Fancy Fire Hat’, Combine wild ideas and experience what it’s like to draw together with one big pencil. In short a creative workout. We offer a short energizer during an event or an extensive workshop for half a day.

Prices and location will be determined together.

Want to request a workshop or do you have some wild ideas? Let us know!

Some experiences

Creative teambuiling during a teacher day of the NHL university.

Creative thinking and brainstormening with teachers of the Avans Univesity.

Workshop for a teacher training day of SEMKO educationburo.

Coming up with crazy ideas with student of the NHL University.