It’s our mission to help and inspire people and teams to (re)start their Inner Fire so that they can create meaningful and colorful lives in strong connection with themselves and the world around them.

Benno Bos

“My Why is to provide solid ground, guidance, and inspiration for people to follow their heart, deeply connect with the world around them, and enjoy life in their own unique way.”

I see myself as a student of life and aim to share the lessons learned to help others. I am someone with a passion for purpose-driven work and life-philosophy. It doesn’t matter what I do, if it’s workshops, having a conversation or creating a graphic design, as long as I can work to advance my idealistic vision I’ll be in my element. In my spare time, I will rock out behind the drum kit, or find my peace by making a fire or walking through the (Swedish) forests. I’m as happy as can be when I do all of this while enjoying my favorite music and work together with people I care about.

By the way I’m also a graphic designer. Check out my work on my website

Linda Sinnige

“It’s my Why to give people the opportunity to express themselves in their own way so that they feel connected with their creative life force and each other.”

Spreading positivity and creativity is what makes me feel happy. Working with children gives me a lot of energy that’s why I became a primary school teacher. One that focuses on exploring, imagination and motivation. Besides the study to become a teacher, I also studied Communication and Multimedia design. For both studies, I chose ‘Creative Thinking’ as my graduation subject. In this way, I’ve done research and activities that connect to this subject. The drive to continue on this path became a lot stronger. That’s why everything I do is focused on creativity. One example is the (Dutch) card game I made. This game stimulates imagination; one of the elements of a creative mindset.

Benno’s experience

During my study (Communication and Multimedia Design), teachers showed me a video of Simon Sinek where he explained his concept of Start With Why. This inspired my greatly. In that time I discovered my own Why and helped other students to find theirs. After my studie I decided to start a company to continue what I was doing.

With that company, I got the chance in 2016 to organize trips to Sweden. Taking groups of Dutch people into nature, staying with a truly special family who are real firestarters in my eyes. It was so nice to see how the participants gained insights in who they were, you could see their inner fire getting brighter with the day. During that same time, I also gave a Find Your Why workshop for a company in Italy with my two colleagues. What truly amazed me was that the vibe completely changed in their team after the workshop; they went from uninspired and individualistic to a warm tribe that had a lot of fun together.

Another project that I won’t forget easily is converting a bus into our home. Linda and I decided to live in a van for a while. Without any experience, I step by step converted a regular van into a cozy home. We named the van Eddie. Curious? Check out the result HERE.

Linda’s experience

Besides my study to become a teacher I also graduated from Communication and Multimedia Design. In both studies, I chose ‘creative thinking’ as my graduation subject. In that way, I did a lot of research and found a lot of activities I can utilize. The drive to continue with this subject just grew larger and larger over the years. That’s why almost all of the projects have something to do with creative thinking. For example, a (Dutch) game I created called “Dikke Draai Ananas’ that stimulates your fantasy.

I follow all kinds of courses in 2018. Like the BrainFuel training for example where I became a brainstorm facilitator. Thanks to this I also learned to teach creative thinking for adults. Barriers disappear, responding on the dynamics of a group and finding fun ways to generate ideas.

Dancing was always an important part of my life. When I discovered Ecstatic Dance, I instantly knew that I would like to become a teacher. So I immediately signed up for a course. I want to teach others how they can get out of their heads and connect with their bodies. And to make them feel more confident and free so that they can create a deep connection.

Let’s Start a Fire came to life after facing some challenges and discovering a problem in our social environment. We had some trouble finding out what we really wanted and what we were good at. Often there were moments during our study where there was a lack of motivation, or we couldn’t figure out what to do after we’d graduate. We felt unfulfilled by the work that we were doing and started to think that there was something more to life. We discovered that most of our friends experienced the same issues and struggled with it as well. But by looking at our personal development we began to see that life is a journey into the unknown. It’s an ongoing process which will keep us busy for the rest of our lives. During our study, we did a variety of different projects about this subject that would later transform into a company. The company has had a lot of different iterations over the years, but since we’ve lived in the Swedish nature for a while, we discovered what the core was;

Creating a nice life for and with each other in ways that inspire you.