Something I also like besides designing, helping people, and making music, is creating stuff. It doesn’t really matter if its crafting something, bush-crafting, or van building, as long as I can work with my hands I’m as happy as can be. It’s my dream to build my own house for my family and to have as many things self-made in our house. If you put your blood, sweat, and tears into something, it has so much more value than something you just grabbed out of a store. On this page, you’ll find some things I made over the years.


Luckily I’m quite handy. I make all kinds of things. From tables to closets and from balcony gardens to storage boxes. Everything custom made and not too neat and perfect, just the way I like it.


I’ve been to Sweden a lot and lived there for a while. During that time a learned a lot about bushcraft.

Van builder

In 2017 I converted a van into a mobile house and lived in it for a while with my girlfriend. I definitively want to do build another van.

Meraki Drums

Besides al other work I have a company called Connective Drumming, where I facilitate workshops. The drums for that company I build and paint myself.