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Millennials - Simon Sinek

The Modern Struggles
of Young Adults

- a ten page infographic

After watching a video of Simon Sinek about the struggles of young adults (millennials), I got inspired to create an infographic about it. As a young adult myself I recognized these struggles as I encounter most of them regularly. My hope is that by understanding these struggles we can find ways to overcome them.

EDSO 2017-02

Create a Circle of Safety:
EDSO in Action

- a nine page infographic

An infographic series inspired by the work of Simon Sinek. It explains why and how we feel happy and fulfilled by looking at the neuro-chemicals; Endorphins, Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin and Cortisol. 


The Joy Of Making
a small difference

- a 50 page e-book

This project was all about meeting people who do the things they really love doing, even if money were no object. The reason we wanted to find these people is because we think they’re making a small difference. We collected their stories in a book so that we can share them to inspire others. For us, this was not just a trip. We wanted to break our regular work and learn patterns. New places, insights, and experiences that’s what we were looking for.