We provide the possibility, inspiration and help for you to (re)start your inner fire.

This fire is a big part of who you are, serves as a compass that gives you direction, and gives you the energy to keep you going.

In the end, you’ll have a colorful life, more love, and a deep connection with yourself and the world around you.

So, scroll down to discover what we have to offer and Let’s Start that Fire!

Find Your Why!

These workshops are all about (re)discovering your Why. In other words, knowing your personal mission and core values. But Why? you ask. Well, because it gives you (or your team) direction with making choices, and it adds a deeper meaning to everything you do. We help you (or your team) through this proces with workshops based on the content of Start With Why*.

Interested? We’re ready to help!

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Teams and companies
• Find Your Why 1 | half a day (±4 hours) | €600,- (excl. VAT and travelcosts)
• Find Your Fire 2 | 1 day (±8 hours) | €1200,- (excl. VAT and travelcosts)
• Workshop Weekend (from fri ±15:00 to sun ±18:00) | ±2,5 day | Together with you we’ll come up with a price and location.

• Short online session | ±2 hours | €95,- p.p.
(incl. VAT)
• Extensive session | ±4 hours | €190,- p.p. (incl. VAT)

*The ‘Start With Why’ part of this session is inspired by the work of Simon Sinek. We’re not endorsed by Simon and his team, but have their blessing to use their content. This is our way to help propel the Start With Why Movement. Together with Stephen from their team we created the infographic EDSO IN ACTION. This is a series of infographics that explain the relation of neurochemicals and inspiring work-environments. Pssst…you can download it for free